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‘OO’, Only One is a checkin-friendly backpack with separated compartments for clothes, laptop and documents.


Discover OO’s exciting features by clicking on the icons...

  • <strong>Laptop</strong> <br />
						Padded pocket for a 17 inch laptop plus a tablet (model “regular”: laptop size: 14 inch)
  • <strong>Phone</strong><br />
						Secure but easily accessible storage of your phone or smart phone
  • <strong>Headphones</strong><br />
						Rounded pocket for large headphones
  • <strong>Charger</strong><br />
						Charge/connect your laptop or phone via smart cable passage without taking it out of the bag
  • <strong>Glasses</strong><br />
						Soft glasses bag: store and clean your glasses plus protect them from scratches
  • <strong>Magazines</strong><br />
						Quick and easy storage for your magazines and newspapers
  • <strong>Shoes</strong><br />
						Perfect for one pair of shoes, casual or Sport
  • <strong>Toiletry storage</strong><br />
						Storage for fast and easy handling at the airport security controls
  • <strong>Waterbottle</strong><br />
						2 storages for your water bottles (0,5 l)
  • <strong>Money & Small accessories</strong><br />
						Zipped pockets in your shoulder straps for rapid access to money, keys or small accessories
  • <strong>Rain Cover</strong><br />
						Easily accessible in the bottom of the bag storage to accommodate the tight protective cover
  • <strong>Documents</strong><br />
						3 large folders for tidy storage of your documents, brochures, price lists, agenda, business cards, expenses, etc.
  • <strong>Business cards</strong><br />
						You will never again search your business cards but always start a great meeting
  • <strong>Tickets</strong><br />
						A real innovation from AG Sportbags: Keep your bag on your back, while taking out your travel tickets
  • <strong>Transport tickets</strong><br />
						Easy and fast access to public transport tickets in your shoulder straps
  • <strong>Passport</strong><br />
						A real patented innovation from AG Sportbags, keep your bag on your back, while taking out your passport
  • <strong>Webbing</strong><br />
						Visual scale from 1 to 15 on the straps to balance the weight on the two shoulders
  • <strong>Toiletry Bag</strong><br />
						Every bag includes a transparent toiletry bag which is conform to international liquid allowances on flights
  • <strong>Laundry Bag</strong><br />
						Every bag includes a laundry bag for dirty and wet clothes
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‘OO’ Only One, 100 % functional travel and leisure backpack from AG Sportbags